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Pieter van Tol is recognized as one of the world's most influential tax advisors in international taxation.

Pieter graduated with a degree in economics. After working for Ernst & Whinney in the Netherlands, Pieter transferred to the international tax group of the firm’s London office where he was involved in mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations of multinational corporations.


He subsequently moved to Switzerland to accept the position of Director of Tax for Leica A.G., a global optics manufacturer.


In 1992 Pieter van Tol and Frank Weidema established their own tax consulting firm which was when they started working together as independent advisors to multinational companies. Pieter and Frank formed Temmes Management Services B.V. in 1996 and the law firm of Weidema van Tol in 2000.

Pieter Van Tol International Tax Advisor
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