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The co-founders of Temmes Management Services, Frank Weidema and Pieter van Tol, each have over 30 years of international tax experience.  Both began their careers with Ernst & Whinney in the Netherlands assisting multinationals with setting up holding and finance companies.  In 1992 Pieter and Frank established their own tax consulting firm which was when they started working together as independent advisors to multinational companies. Pieter and Frank formed Temmes Management Services B.V. in 1996 and the law firm of Weidema van Tol in 2000.  Since that time Frank and Pieter have developed significant expertise in the legal, tax and accounting aspects of establishing and operating holding, finance, intellectual property and principal structures in Monaco, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland.


Temmes only hires experienced individuals who have an outstanding track record working with financial accounting and tax matters for multinational companies. Several of its managers have previously served as European controllers of U.S.-based multinational companies. The employees of Temmes, on average, have worked with multinational companies for over 10 years.

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